Look, the LSU Football team is not winning a national championship this year. Let's all be honest with ourselves.

But they're not a trash team either...they will likely make a bowl game appearance. But what if all of this year's wins, and a bowl appearance, are all washed away in two years from the NCAA?

LSU star running back Derrius Guice posted a very odd Instagram picture that could lead to trouble for the Tigers' star, and the football program as a whole. Here's the picture in question:

Instagram/Screen Shot
Instagram/Screen Shot

Why is this a big deal?

There are a ton of questions swirling about the intent of the post. Was this a post celebrating him gifting this Range Rover to his mother? Is this him giving her a hug in front of his Range Rover? Does his mom own that Range Rover.

Pretty much the questions are all about this Range Rover.

It didn't help Guice's situation when he quickly deleted this picture from social media, almost the same way when a celebrity sends out a joke that was in bad taste or a photo that showed something they didn't want you to see. Basically the deletion is an admission of guilt in some ways.

So how did a kid in college find the cash for a $75k car?

LSU should probably find out before they let Derrius Guice put the rest of their season in jeopardy by stepping on the field. Not to mention future scholarships. Just ask Reggie Bush and Rick Pitino what they think right now.

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