Shaquille O'Neal's generosity has been well-documented through the years and now he is helping out those in the Dallas area.

Shaq has reportledy bought a huge house in the Dallas area, and now he is making his way around the city, all while helping out those that may be in need.

In the video below, Shaq is seen approaching a woman on a bench and he gives her food, then the woman asks O'Neal for a dollar.

His response was, how about 100 hundred dollars? He then hands the woman the money and tells her to take care of herself prior to walking away.

Many in south Louisiana have been on the receiving end of Shaq's generosity, and now he is sharing his wealth with those in North Texas.

Check out this amazing gesture by this gentle giant.


In a serpate video from the Dallas-area, Shaq is seen purchasing a washing maching for a couple, and then throwing in a 70-inch television for them too. Here's that video.

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