We all know that Shaq loves to have fun!

He also loves music as well.

That combination - along with the fact that he is a lovable NBA legend - made him the perfect person to help the people of St. Louis welcome back Mardi Gras after COVID-19 took away the celebrations in 2021.

Mardi Gras weekend kicked off in St. Louis, Missouri, as thousands showed out to have a good time. Soulard Mardi Gras is actually one of the biggest Mardi Gras events in the country, though not quite as big as some have proclaimed. But it is the "party capital of St. Louis," according to ksdk.com.

We all know that New Orleans is looked at across the country as the standard for Mardi Gras celebrations. But, did you know that New Orleans and St. Louis have a lot of shared history?

As ksdk.com points out, explorers traveled up the Mississippi River from the Crescent City to St. Louis to establish a trading post. One refugee from the French Revolution in the late 1700's - Antoine Soulard - was a part of a group of settlers who put down roots in the St. Louis area.

"You’ve gotta remember the same people settled New Orleans that settled St. Louis,” explained Soulard Business Association President Tom Gullickson to ksdk.com. “So, you see a lot of French architecture, the French Mansard roofs, the French balconies, and it’s all because of our direct connection."

By the way, Soulard means "drunkard" in French.

Anyway, DJ Diesel (AKA Shaq) was a huge part of the celebrations in St. Louis over during the Mardi Gras weekend as he performed at Soulard as hundreds partied with the Big Fella.

"I brought my son here," said St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones to ksdk.com. "He idolizes Shaq."

Just another reason why Shaq is so awesome!

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