Former LSU star, as well as Los Angles Lakers, Orlando Magic, and Miami Heat star, Shaquille O’ Neal has committed to donating cash to help Lafayette High School build a new weight room.

The school is looking to raise 42-thousand dollars and Mighty Lions head football coach Rob Pool says the donation will go a long ways towards fixing a crucial part of the athletics program.

There's not much that ties Shaq to Lafayette on the surface. He was born in New Jersey, raised in Germany and Texas (his step father was in the military), and graduated high school in San Antonio. It would appear the main attachment would be through his college career at LSU.

From 1989 to 1992, Shaq was the most dominating player LSU had ever seen. Since then, he's become a legend inside the state. This gesture just furthers that legend.

Shaq will make his donation on South Louisiana Giving Day on May 10th.

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