I've said this once and I'll say it again, it is WrestleMania season and ALL bets are off. The biggest show of the year is just 3 weeks away and at this point, you never know who might show up or what will happen. Case and point, last night to close out Monday night Raw, Triple H attacked Mick Foley. Which, was bound to happen but that's another story.

But to come and make the save was none other than Seth Rollins. Rollins, of course, was injured last month and his status for WrestleMania has been in doubt. But, last night, not only did he come down to save Mick but he got in the ring and was involved in SEVERAL big spots.

You can watch the video above. But, before you get your hopes up, this does not mean Seth is will be cleared for Mania. Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Seth has been cleared for restricted, base use. But, the doc hasn't cleared him for a full in-ring return. PWS is also reporting that is why Finn Balor has not made his return to the ring yet on TV. WWE aren't sure if Seth will make it to the 'Showcase of the Immortals' and Balor could be used in that spot against Triple H if needed.

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