Sean Payton doesn't like gumbo?

Payton and Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters don't even like talking about gumbo?

Well, the duo didn't on Wednesday.

What's this all about?

Well, you have to go back to Week 9, when the Saints beat the Rams, 45-35, thanks in part to receiver Michael Thomas, who compiled 12 catches for 211 yards and one touchdown in the triumph.

After the game, Payton said he liked the matchup of Thomas against Peters “a lot.”

Peters took exception to that, responding by saying; "“Tell Sean Payton to keep talking that (expletive); we gonna see him soon” Peters said in November. “Because I like what he was saying on the sidelines, too, so tell him to keep talking that (expletive) and I hope he sees me soon. You feel me? And then we’re gonna have a good little, nice little bowl of gumbo together.”

On Wednesday, during their respective time with media members, Payton and Peters downplayed things. Peters said; "We ain't going to talk about no gumbo this week."
Rams coach Sean McVay provided some humor to the situation, yelling out "Let me get some of that soup!", while Peters was at the podium.

Payton wanted nothing to do with any kind of gumbo talk either, saying he has great respect for Peters, and talking about how the Saints almost drafted Peters.

Does any of this mean anything? Probably not.

The NFC Championship Game will not be decided because of any war of words, or lack of.

That being said, when you have a side note like this, no matter how small, involving a two-time Pro Bowl defensive back, and a possible future Hall of Fame coach, it makes things even more fun to talk about.

Saints/Rams in the NFC Championship Game this Sunday. To steal a thought from Terrell Owens; "Get your gumbo ready!"

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