People in marital relationships sometimes need to talk. More accurately the lady of the relationship needs to talk and the gentleman of the relationship needs to listen. Women are communicators. Men are slightly more inclined to communicate that pieces of driftwood and rocks. The male of the species tends to live between his ears and only sometimes can give you all of his attention. He's not being a butt it's just in the DNA.

Scientist have studied how the sexes, particularly the married males and females, communicate. They have determined that the absolute best time for the average married woman to communicate with the average married man is 8:15 PM.

You're probably wondering how in the heck did they get it narrowed down to the exact minute? Okay, it's an average but let me give the skinny on the circumstances surrounding that particular time and you can adjust accordingly.

Men tend to listen better when they are being fed. They are a captive audience and since they aren't really concentrating on the food, they will listen more intently. Over 50% of men surveyed said during the evening meal was the best time for them to have their receivers on and to be able to tune in your conversation.

If you're looking for other great times to get involved in a meaningful dialogue with your man the study suggested a long drive is a great time to chat. If you really want him to listen and agree then bring up the subject you've been needing information about while visiting with your parents. He can't afford to not listen then and he is most likely to be agreeable to your suggestions and ideas. By the way that would be a really dirty trick.

The worst time to talk to a man about anything? While the game is on, while he is playing a video game, or while he is involved in a TV show or movie.  You already knew that, you don't pay attention to it, but you knew it.