Every year, kids all over the Haughton/Princeton area are treated to a sneak preview of Santa Claus' annual trek as he makes his way through the neighborhoods and rural areas atop a fire engine.

And this year, because the area has grown so much, Santa will actually make TWO trips through the area.

Courtesy of the firefighters at Bossier Parish Fire District 1, Santa will be out and about on the fire engine this Saturday, December 17, and again on Christmas Eve, next Saturday, December 24.

Each of these days, Santa will pull out from the “North Pole Fire Station” at approximately 8:30 am and begin making his way through Haughton neighborhoods! When you hear the fire trucks sounding the alarm, make sure you step outside and catch a glimpse of Santa on top of the fire truck as he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

This Saturday, Dec. 17, Santa will hit all the areas within the city limits of Haughton.

For those outside the city limits of Haughton, but covered by Fire District One, Santa will be heading your way next Saturday, Dec. 24!

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