Breaking News, according to Ross Dellenger former Saints quarterback and legend Drew Brees has been hired as an interim assistant coach for his alma mater Purdue.

Recently we have seen an uptick in former NFL players transitioning into coaching football. We've seen it both in the NFL with Jeff Saturday and in college with Deion Sanders. The question then becomes is this just for the bowl game or will it be the start of a long career? It is also extremely funny and ironic that in his first game as a coach Brees is going against the most popular college program in Louisiana the Bayou Bengals of LSU.

Now you know Saints fans instantly thought of one thing and that's "shoot" Brees can come coach for the Saints. If Jeff Saturday can with no experience then why can't Brees after this bowl game? Also, it can't be worse than Dennis Allen. And look I also think Allen is a horrible head coach; however, I would want Brees to get experience coaching for a year or two as an assistant and then another 2-3 years as a head coach before switching to the NFL as the Saints head coach or any team for that matter.

Whether or not Brees ever coaches for the Saints in the future is too far away to speculate. However, it is good that Brees is giving coaching a go because we learned that he isn't good at being a media/tv personality. So hopefully for Brees this goes better than TV.

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