Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was the Boise State quarterback from 2008-2011, and apparently still uses some of the same offensive signals.

Per NFL Network analyst Steve Wyche, he was told by some within the New Orleans Saints defense, they watched game film of Moore's time as the Broncos QB and picked up on hand signals Moore still uses today from the Dallas sideline.

New Orleans defense held the Cowboys to a season-low in points in week 4 when they defeated Dallas 12-10.

The Saints D sacked Dak Prescott 5 times and held the entire Cowboys offense to 257 total yards.

My only question is, why let Wyche in on the knowledge? Why not hold onto the information if you're the Saints in case you face Dallas again in the postseason?

Moore will assuredly change his signals now, as the Saints let the cat out of the game.

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