While Marvel’s had a steady TV presence for a number of years, they are about to ramp up their television productions in a big way. Numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe series are coming to Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, and several other series that don’t quite fit into the family-friendly confines there will emerge on the Disney-controlled streaming site Hulu.

It appears, based on the new press release over on Marvel.com, that one of the first will be Helstrom, based on the supernatural character from Marvel Comics. Sometimes billed as “Hellstorm,” sometimes referred to as the Son of Satan, he’ll this time be going by his given name Daimon Helstrom, and be played by actor Tom Austen. Here is how the release describes this version of the character:

A professor of ethics who moonlights as an exorcist, Daimon has no illusions about saving a world he has no patience for; he just hopes he can help a few of the people closest to him. In his battle against a hidden world, Daimon is determined to root out demons as they arise, and will not stop until they're vanquished.

“Please, please, Hellstorm was my father name. Call me Daimon.”

Daimon and his sister Ana Helstrom (Fear the Walking Dead’s Sydney Lemmon) are the stars of the series, and the “son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer.” The rest of the cast includes Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom (their mother), Robert Wisdom as Caretaker, “a guardian of knowledge of the occult,” Jne Carryl as psychologist Louise Hastings (a member of an occult Marvel team known as the Darkhold Redeemers), Ariana Guerra as exorcism expert Gabriella Rosetti, Alain Uy as Ana’s friend Chris Yen.

Not much mention of Satan in the announcement, so they’re either doing something a little different with the character, or they’re hoping that will be a surprise for folks when their “serial killer” dad turns out to be, y’know, Lucifer. Look for Helstrom to debut on Hulu some time in 2020.

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