The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame Class may be the most stacked HOF Class of all time. Kurt Angle, Diamond Dallas Page, Beth Phoenix, The Rock N Roll Express, and Teddy Long have already been announced as inductees. And yesterday, the WWE confirmed ANOTHER entry into the Hall, 'Ravishing' Rick Rude!

Rude is probably one of the most entertaining heels of all time. Dude could get heat with any crowd, for any promotion, any time he wanted. From WWE to ECW to WCW, Rude made an instant impact and made every performer that worked with him better. He had an innate ability to draw heat and get other guys over.

And his resume is more than deserving of a spot in any wrestling hall of fame. He was a former Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, has a 5 star match under his belt, was voted unanimously several times as the best bad guy in the business and is constantly mentioned as one of the best workers to ever strap on a pair of boots.

This is an honor LONG overdue. Just sucks that Rick isn't around to enjoy the moment. He will be inducted by his long time friend and rival, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat.

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