Rick and Morty may have declared its entire series a quest for McDonald’s old Mulan McNugget sauce, but even Rick would probably draw a line here. An old packet of the Szechuan dipping sauce retailed for an ungodly sum on eBay, making Rick’s quest that much harder.

For those unfamiliar with the bit, the surprise Season 3 premiere of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty featured a recurring gag of mad scientist Rick remembering a 1998 Mulan promotion that offered a Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce with its Chicken McNuggets. The promotion has obviously long-since passed, but the fervor of Rick’s efforts to reclaim it inspired fans to pursue their own, even convincing McDonald’s chefs to look into reviving it.

Unopened packages are naturally hard to come by, but as Time reports, an actual container of the sauce (and its wasabi counterpart) sold on eBay for a whopping $14,700. The listing is very real, and here’s what the seller had to say:

I just bought a really old car, while cleaning it I found a packet of this sauce. After watching the recent episode of Rick and Morty I went online to see if it was worth anything. Turns out it was. Also this comes with a packet of wasabi as well.

I hope somebody who wants to eat some 20 year old gnarly sauce gets this.. I would prefer not to sell it to a collector.

Granted, there’s no guarantee the buyer purchased the item over its Rick and Morty association, but someone paying $15,000 for containers of old McDonald’s sauce seems pretty newsworthy on its own.

Rick and Morty will continue the quest for that Mulan McNugget sauce when Season 3 premieres this summer.

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