The biggest sports story has come full circle.

Everyone around the country, in the sports world at least, is talking about the reporter who responded to LSU's Brian Kelly after he called out members of the media for being late to his weekly press conference.

When he "jokingly" informed members of the local media that they'd be fined for being late, one reporter responded with, "Maybe if you'd win I'd be on time."

As you may imagine after this video hit the internet, it went viral and the reporter, who is an LSU beat writer responded.

She says that it was all a joke and that she did not mean for it to be a rude comeback toward the first-year coach at LSU.

In a Tweet, which you will see here, Leah Vann says she was running late to the presser because of a doctor's appointment and that she apologized to Coach Kelly.

According to her Tweet, the LSU head coach said that she still owes him $10 for being late, which of course is a joke.

Perhaps this will put an end to a story that may have not had any malicious intent.

Vann would go on to say this about their exchange after the press conference. Again, you can see that both parties were joking here.


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