New head coach of the LSU Tigers football team Brian Kelly met with media members following a heartbreaking one-point loss to Florida State. When Kelly joked with the group of reporters about being late, one media member fired back with a response that left the Tigers' coach shocked.


It was a tough Labor Day for Tigers' coach Brian Kelly, as LSU fans have been reeling over the devastating loss to FSU on Sunday night. While any sane sports fan would know that a new coach doesn't necessarily mean immediate success, some Tigers fans were absolutely disgusted by the coach's first showing.

Of course, Brian Kelly has been coaching football a long time and understands the criticism that may come along from fans with high expectations. What he may not understand is that members of the media may also have an attitude following LSU's Week 1 loss.

Reporter Fires at Brian Kelly after He Jokes about Media Members being Late

After speaking about the loss to FSU, Coach Brian Kelly let out a joke about some reporters being late to the press conference. He talked about starting a pot where if reporters were late, they'd throw $10 inside and all of them would have a party at Kelly's house at the end of the year.

Apparently, one reporter did not think the joke was very funny as they let out quite a comment.

Twitter via @nolehighlights
Twitter via @nolehighlights


See the interactions for yourself via @Jaythealbum on Twitter below.

As you can faintly hear, the reporter responds to Coach Kelly by saying, "Maybe if you win we will be on time".

Coach Kelly responded that he didn't think it had anything to do with winning. Clearly, he didn't expect that sort of response to the lighthearted joke about being punctual.

Personally, I think the reporter was out of line making this type of content. I'm not someone who pulls for LSU, but to start out a season by making this comment to a coach who you will presumably be seeing on a regular basis is definitely a bold move. But on the other hand, Coach Kelly is not currently in a place to be joking around.

Internet Reacts to Reporter Sending Shot at Brian Kelly after LSU Loss

The internet has plenty to say about the clip as well. See reactions from social media below.

What do you think of the situation? Has Brian Kelly gotten off on the wrong foot with LSU fans? Does he just need more time? Let us know in the comments.

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