One of my favorite comic book characters of all time, hands down, is the Punisher. There is just something endearing about the tale of Frank Castle. He's a former Marine whose life is ripped away by mobsters (or Government agents depending on which origin story you read). But, instead of curling up in a ball or giving after his family is killed, he goes out for revenge against the criminal underworld and anyone else that might harm the innocent.

After a successful run during season 2 of Daredevil, the fine folks from Netflix have decided to give Frank his own show. And, while that may sound awesome and bad ass as Jon Bernthal is as Frank, I was worried they were going to attempt to water down what the Punisher is and what he does.

Well, after watching the first full length trailer for the show, I'm no longer worried. Hell, I'm even more excited. Frank is there in all his violent glory. You get glimpses into his tragic past and gory present. All fears and worries were quickly dispelled. The only thing left to know now is when the show will be released to the world.

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