What would be something you'd buy if money was truly no object? Oddly enough most people would say their first purchase would be freedom from debt. Goodness knows that is a heavy burden on a lot of shoulders.

Removing debt from your life would be a good thing for sure. After that many people say they'd like to travel. Italy and France are two of the preferred destinations. Me, I'd like to got to Jamaica. My goal in life is to become the king of somewhere hot. Jamaica has got that and some really fine coffee. That's important to me as well.

Regardless of your financial dreams, they could come true in a very large way tonight. The multi-state lottery game Powerball is set to choose another set of numbers that could make someone outrageously wealthy.

I think $403 million would qualify as outrageous wealth don't you? That's the amount you could win if you chose the annuity option should you win the big prize in tonight's drawing. Most of us would opt for the one-time payment of just about $244 million.

The drawing is tonight at 9:59. If you want to play you need to secure your ticket by 8:59. That's the rule. People do win in the Powerball game, last Saturday's drawing made a Louisiana resident one million dollars richer.

If you choose to play, play responsibly and be careful what you wish for. It could just come true tonight.

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