No winner in the Powerball drawing Wednesday night. The jackpot climbs to $308 million for Saturday night.


This top prize won’t get it on the list of the biggest jackpots in history until it tops the $400 million dollar mark. As the number continues to climb, more and more people will jump in to buy tickets. The prize for Saturday could close in on $350 million.

If someone should hit the big jackpot, you would get a lump sum payout of $182 million. You would have to pay about a third of that in taxes, so your onetime prize would be about $130 million. With that much money, you would definitely be set for life.

If I won that much money, I would become a real estate maven. It sure would be nice to pay cash for a beautiful beach front condo somewhere. Of course, I’d donate a lot of money to charities and help out all of my family members. It’s fun to dream.

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