Schools are almost out and that means the kids are going to be in the house for the next few months. That means your grocery bill is going to skyrocket. Since most of the little nippers won't be able to go out and get a job it's up to us, Mom and Dad, to provide food and snacks for the hungry hoards of human termites.

How are you going to pay for all those Ding Dongs, Doritos, and vegan alternatives? My suggestion is to win the Powerball drawing tonight. The estimated jackpot is $130 million. That would be enough cash to keep my two kids full for at least three weeks.

Actually, this Powerball jackpot has been growing since April 3rd when a single ticket in Arizona snagged a prize of $60 million. That means the jackpot is ripe for the picking. Now, should you choose to pick up a ticket or two we encourage you to play within your means. It's fun to dream of riches but not at the expense of going broke.

Tickets for tonight's May 3rd drawing may be made at official lottery retailers across the state or in any of the many states in which Powerball is played. You must have your ticket purchased at least one hour before the scheduled drawing. That drawing will take place at 9:59 PM Louisiana time.

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