Winning the Powerball the night before Thanksgiving. Would that be a blessing or a curse? I would suppose have a large infusion of cash into your financial world would never be really looked upon as a totally bad thing.

Still, what could be worse than coming into an insane amount of money with all of your relatives around? I know I am horrible but you had the same thought that I did so there.

The Powerball drawing is tonight. The ping pong balls will drop at 9:59 PM Louisiana time. The estimated jackpot will be $359 million. If you choose the one-time cash payout you're looking at an oversized check of $219.6 million. That's not a bad way to begin the holiday shopping season.

The Powerball game is a simple as matching five numbers from one set of white ping pong balls. There are 69 of those. You must also match the number on one red ping pong ball. That's the Powerball and there are 25 of those.

The odds are long but the opportunities to get cash back, even if it's not the big prize, are worth the risk if you can afford to play. If you can't afford to lose your money you don't need to play Powerball. Still, it can be a lot of fun and it's really exciting until they start drawing numbers and you realize you matched none of the numbers drawn.

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