To say this year's race for the White House has been interesting is a lot like saying sticking your head in a running wood chipper will leave a mark. The two official nominees for the country's major political parties have yet to be officially selected and already the mud and name calling has been at such a high level that even Louisiana politicians are blushing. 

Many  political pundits see the Presidential election coming down to two particular candidates. For the Democrats, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hoping to become the country's first female Commander in Chief. For the Republicans real-estate mogul, entrepreneur, and TV star Donald Trump appears to be the choice.

How do voters in Louisiana see the race between Mr. Trump  and Mrs. Clinton?

According to a new poll from JMC Analytics it appears voters in the Bayou State prefer Trump or maybe they don't. Maybe they just don't like Hillary Clinton.

I think it’s a combination of they don’t like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and that while they don’t necessarily approve of Donald Trump, they agree with his frank remarks.

That's the interpretation of the polling numbers by pollster John Couvillion. His comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

The poll that was conducted of 600 likely voters in the state found that 46% of them approve of Mr. Trump while 43% of them disapprove him.

Donald Trump has a substantial lead amongst male voters and only a plurality lead amongst female voters. That’s why he leads, it’s not like he’s leading with 70% of the vote or anything like that.

The overall polling numbers showed that Trump leads Clinton by a margin of  52% to 36%. Of course the election is still many months away and many voters have yet to make their choice. Voters will go to the  polls to elect a new President on November the 8th.

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