To say this election season in the race for President of the United States has been unique would be a true understatement. The candidates that are receiving the most attention nationwide and here in Louisiana are Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. 

A recent survey of likely voters in Louisiana conducted by Southern Media and Opinion Research showed some very interesting information. The survey which asked 500 likely voters whom they would most likely cast their ballot for yielded these results.

53% of those surveyed would vote for Mr. Trump. 39% of those surveyed would vote for Mrs. Clinton. Political analyst Bernie Pisonat suggested to the Louisiana Radio Network that the people supporting each candidate is not the big surprise. The real surprise comes in the unfavorable rating for each candidate.

Her favorable are only 34%, her unfavorables are 64%, Trump’s favorables are 47% and his unfavorables are 52%.

PInsonat believes the Trump will take Louisiana on election day. His comments indicate that Mrs. Clinton will really have to do well with white Democrats in order to have a chance against the Republican candidate.

For her to have a shot of winning Louisiana, she needs to do a lot better with white democrats and if he can beat her with white democrats there is no sense in her spending money on jet fuel to come to Louisiana.

The real winner in this race for the presidency might be Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. 

Obviously she’ll probably spend her money elsewhere not spend a lot of time here and running around with Hillary Clinton certainly wouldn’t help his popularity in Louisiana, so he’ll probably get a break.

Voters in Louisiana and across the country will go to the polls to elect a President and decide several other important issues on November 8th.

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