This is pretty funny.  A cop who tailgated a guy for 3 miles didn't know he was being captured on video. The officer wasn't wearing a seat belt and things get pretty interesting.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this video. The guy who was being tailgated by the officer explains the situation below.


On this day, just east on this highway, there is a seat belt Sting in progress. Maybe ten local and State Police involved in pulling over vehicles where they failed to wear their seat belts!

One of these sneaky Officers parked hiding behind trees and a sign with a set of binoculars to alert other officers as to pull them over and write a ticket.

OK! I will NOT stand by any longer and witness this double standard with our government at any level! My video cameras are mounted on tri pods, and are on every time I shift into drive. I'm not at all distracted. I do not go out of my way to get video, I do not have to, But if I see anyone who is employed by the tax payer, I will get footage.

I am Pissed off Big Time with the waste and corruption I see with my Government! It's our Right and our Duty to ensure our Government operates within our Constitution......Mi seat belt Law is very clear, Law Enforcement are not exempt. Search it, read the law.

As for this Deputy, besides not wearing seat belt, This Fake Law Enforcement tail gated me for nearly three miles. I switched lanes a couple times, he stayed on my ass. I slowed to half posted speed, he stayed on my ass.

When I told him he was following me, and I thought he wanted something, He said he was just driving, doing the speed limit. What a lie.

Oh Yea, he was cool, he knew he was on camera. I did call Sheriff Office, I spoke with someone to file a complaint, She took my name and phone and said someone would return my call.

I NEVER received a return call.....So any how, I went to Court with Documents in hand, After this Impersonator told me to be sure to be in court, He was a no show. Ticket was Dismissed.

Funny thing, as I was presenting Documents to Magistrate, I was told I had to leave right now. I told him I will leave as soon as I have a Document stating that the ticket was dismissed.

He then called in a court officer who walked me to a different part of the building, took me to the front of a line, and received the docs I wanted. He then walked me to the door. Very Strange. ...See....... Sheriff Deputy Stalks Citizen, Fails to be Truthful. For the near 3 mile tailgate, with documents. If you are one of the very few that read video description Thank You

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