There is nothing better than fresh grown produce from the local area. If you want to get really fresh fruits and veggies near Shreveport, you have several options.

You can find these items at farmers markets in our area. But if you want a great family outing, you might consider venturing out to one of the local farms to pick your own goodies.


You do want to check the seasons first to make sure the items you want will be ready.

I will never forget an outing with my Aunt Belle in south Louisiana picking strawberries. It seems like we were there all day filling up bucket after bucket of berries. But we were probably only there a couple of hours and snapped up a couple of gallons of juicy Tangipahoa Parish strawberries.

It's one of those memories children will etch into their memory bank and grown-ups will love seeing those little faces when they realize all these delicious items are growing all around us.

My best advice is to get in touch with these spots before you go to make sure they have ripe fruits ready for you. The prices will also vary depending on what you want to pick. Many of these spots will also sell you pre-picked items if you don't want to do the work.

Great Places to Pick Your Own Fruits and Veggies

Places Near Shreveport for Picking Fruits and Vegetables

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