Our East Texas NFL superstar, Patrick Mahomes, took some time to have some fun and raise some money for his 15 and the Mahomies charity in Hawaii. You can see the fun Patrick is having with his teammates, Travis Kelce and Kyle Long. It was even great to see Patrick's reaction after learning he placed in his own tournament.

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Patrick Mahomes and a couple of his teammates were in Hawaii for the first ever 15 & The Mahomies Aloha Golf Classic. It was to raise money for Patrick's charity that supports healthy living, child wellness, provides resources to communities and other charitable needs. From the looks of things, it was a great time had by all.

First, we see Patrick and Travis Kelce needing to chip onto the green. It's hard to tell in the video but I'm guessing by their reactions that Travis sunk that chip shot.

Next we see Travis on another green with a fairly short putt. He takes some time to line up his shot annnnnd it lips out. Oh so close.

Patrick's newest teammate, offensive lineman Kyle Long, looks to have a nice swing as he takes a shot on the 16th fairway.

Patrick can hit his receivers 60 yards down the field and launch his golf balls to Saturn.

Patrick sat down with the folks at Bleacher Report. During the interview, Patrick was presented with a custom golf cart.

Finally, we are at what looks like an awards ceremony for the tournament and Patrick placed third overall. His joyous reaction to taking home a trophy is awesome.

If you want to find out more about Patrick Mahomes 15 and the Mahomies charity, head over to 15andthemahomies.org.

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