The wrecking ball comes to southeast Shreveport. Crews have torn down part of the Bayou Walk Shopping complex that was condemned several years ago.

Several tenants were booted from the southern end of that shopping complex when it was discovered the land was sinking and the properties were unstable.

Cynthia Keith
Cynthia Keith

The Kroger Company spent millions shoring up that store and renovating to make sure they could remain open. But the other stores were forced to relocate or shut down in 2014. Cracks and foundation shifting was becoming a problem and the city stepped in and condemned the property.

The property was foreclosed on back in 2016 and eventually was sold to new owners for just over 6 and a half million dollars. The city has been working with the new owners to get the condemned portion torn down. Now that has happened. Crews will be working over the next few days to remove all the rubble and clear that lot.


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