How much money would you pay to sniff Pamela Anderson’s bed sheets?

Well start saving your pennies kids because the ex-Baywatch beauty has just put her Malibu beach house up for rent – and she’s only asking for a measly $50,000 a month!

That’s right – Pam’s newly remodeled 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom love shack, which is located at 23445 Malibu Colony Road, is just one block from the Pacific Ocean, making it a prime Southern California rental property for you and let’s say about 60-70 roommates to live in. Because lets face it, that’s about how many of us regular people it would take to make that kind of rent.

According to property records, Anderson purchased the 2,752 square foot house for $1.8 million back in 2000, and then hit some financial troubles when she embarked on a remodeling escapade that may have included the installation of a shark tank and a staff of housekeepers known as Oompa Eunuchs.

However, Anderson claims that putting her beach house on the market has less to do with financial trouble and more about her simply never being there, as she has been spending more time these days enjoying her homeland of Canada.

While the realtor could not confirm or deny whether Pamela’s dirty bed sheets were included in the beach house’s amenities, we did slip him an extra $20 to find out for us.

We still haven’t heard back from him.

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