He helped her have 14 ch ildren, and now he may not ever be helping anyone have a baby again.

Octomom Nadya Suleman & Her 14 Children Launch Their Shake At Millio

Octomom's doc, Dr. Michael Kamrava, who helped Nadya Sulman have babies through repeated in-vitro treatments has had his license revoked.

The Medical Board of California issued the ruling that Dr. Kamrava can no longer practice after he admitted implanting 12 embryos into 34-year-old Suleman prior to her becoming pregnant with her octuplets.

Kamrava was accused of being grossly negligent in his treatment of Suleman and two other female patients - a 42-year-old who was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatment and a 48-year-old who suffered serious complications after she became pregnant with quadruplets.

Kamrava's license will officially be revoked on July first.

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