Nadya Suleman has been in the news recently thanks to her new job as an adult actress in "Octomom: Home Alone." Suleman, 36, became a household name overnight in 2009 for giving birth to eight children -- much to the chagrin of many people. Now that she is doing something a bit more provocative for employment, we asked her the burning question people want to know: "Why?"

Suleman describes her childhood and new job:

Why begin the in vitro fertilization process? Who's the sperm donor? Does the public give her too much grief?:

Suleman's position on delegating roles for her older kids, current relationship with the sperm donor, and dealing with her busy work schedule and spending time with her kids:

Suleman dishes her daily schedule, her own family's opinion on her large family, and what she thinks of other large families:

How she got back into great shape so fast, what happens out in public, what dinnertime is like on a daily basis, her new boyfriend and his relationship with the children, and thoughts on "Octomom" title:

How to keep kids out of the spotlight, how the children keep Suleman happy, Suleman describes her strict conservative morals, and a recent controversy on an airplane:

Where she saw herself, Suleman discusses her new career in the porn industry, and why she's doing it, and her staying celibate:


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