While at North Caddo, Robert Williams III won games, praise, and awards. He also earned a scholarship to Texas A&M. While playing for the Aggies, he again, won games, praise, and wins in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

But the next prize might be the most valuable. Williams is about to be drafted into the NBA.

Tonight is the NBA Draft, and Williams is on the verge of being a "lottery pick" (the first 13 picks of the NBA Draft are ordered by a lottery to avoid teams tanking during the regular season). The best players usually make their way into those first 13 picks, and the money that awaits them reflects that.

The NBA Draft has a "salary slot" structure, where the players will be paid based on where they're taken. The 1st overall pick will have a first year salary of $5.85 million. But Williams won't be the first pick.

It's more likely that Williams will be picked between 10 and 15, which means his salary slot will fall between $2.5 million and $1.9 million for his first season. That salary is set to increase by at least 30% for the next 2-3 years.

Williams NBA dream is going to be a reality, and a valuable one.

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