For the second year in a row, NFL Officials have ended the New Orleans Saints season in questionable fashion.

The Saints fell to the Minnesota Vikings in the Superdome 26-20 in the NFC Wild Card round. The game went into overtime after a back and forth afternoon.

With the score locked at 20-20, the Vikings got the ball to start overtime, and they moved the ball into the redzone quickly, setting up at the 2 yard line. After losing yards in their first two plays, and knowing they'd have to kick a field goal and give the ball to the Saints if they didn't score on third down, the Vikings put it up to Tight End Kyle Rudolph in the corner of the endzone. Rudolph seemed to be extremely wide open for such a short route, and replay confirmed how he got that open, as it shows he pushed off from the Saint's defender. Committing Offensive Pass Interference in the process.


However, the officials apparently didn't see it. They called it a touchdown, ending the game.


Due to what happened at the end of last year's NFC Championship game between the Saints and Los Angles Rams (an obvious Pass Interference no-call) the NFL put in an option for instant replay on missed Pass Interference calls. So as everyone waited for the NFL to look at the obvious push off for Rudolph, the unimaginable happened. The NFL officials declined to look at it. Effectively spitting in the eye of the Saints organization and fans.

It has become clear that the NFL has something against the Saints organization. Whether it stems from the "Bountygate" issues more than a decade ago, or because Saints Coach Sean Payton wore this shirt to a press conference, there's something being held against the franchise, and its becoming more and more obvious.


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