We'll likely call it "the Jimmy Graham Rule!"  The NFL has decided to penalize players who dunk the ball over the goal post!  The NFL Head of Officials, Dean Blandino, confirmed it today on the Dan Patrick Show on 1130 the Tiger.  

The "No Fun League" is back!  Owners had not planned on voting on the rule at this year's Orlando meetings, but at those meetings... everything is on the table!  The league likely instituted the rule in response to an incident last season in which Jimmy Graham dunked a goal post off kilter against the Atlanta Falcons and play had to be stopped to fix the goal post.

Future Hall of Fame Tight End Tony Gonzalez famously dunked a few balls in his career, but he won't have to deal with the new rule now that he is retired. He tweeted about the decision.

This likely will not prove a popular decision with players and fans, but it is what it is!  Others have tweeted about the decision.  



Let us take this moment to remember some of Jimmy Graham's now forbidden dunks, including some dunks from his University of Miami days!