Of all the resolutions floating around out there, I would say finding a new job is one of the most popular.

I feel that January is a popular time to look for a new job. I have no evidence to support this, but it is a time of new beginnings. After evaluating how the prior year went it seems only natural that if you were unhappy in your last job, you'd be looking for something new right about now.

There are a lot of factors that go into finding a new job and where we live could have a big influence on being hired.

WalletHub took at look at this recently when they complied a list of "2018's Best Places to Find a Job." In their study, they looked specifically at factors that effect job-market strength like opportunities, unemployment, average starting salary, potential for growth, and more. With that information they have determined that Shreveport is the worst place to find a job in 2018.


On the list of 182 cities across the country, Shreveport finished dead last. Although we didn't fall in dead last in any of the categories of contributing factors specifically, our low scores added up to a poor finish overall. But you know what they say, we can only go up from here so let's work to fix this.

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