Marques Colston is the New Orleans Saints' all-time leader for touchdowns scored in the 2012 season, he has a total of 56.

We hardly ever see him in commercials and he is usually hard to find amoung reporters in the saints' locker room. Colston is a great football player but it hasn't gone to his head, he don't even have a touchdown dance.

Colston made 10 catches for 153 yards at last Sunday's thriller against the Dallas Cowboys put him over the 1,000-yard mark. This makes the sixth time he has done that in his seven seasons.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees said, "He is Mr. Dependable, Mr. Steady. When you need a play, I know I can always count on him, he's a quiet guy, but when he comes to work, he's ready to work.

Brees asked, "How do guys get noticed for the Pro Bowl's fan vote and for everything else? If you're not saying something that's getting you on TV or what have you, then a lot of times people don't notice you if you keep the helmet on and just work. You don't have a touchdown dance, but there's no guy that's been steadier than him at the receiver position."

The only time that Colston had less than 1,000 yards receiving was 2008, he finished with 760 yards but that was because of a hand injury and he only played 11 games.

"No matter how battered or bruised he is, he's in practice," Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt said. "He doesn't take time off. He doesn't miss games. All he does is he takes it to heart the accountability he has to his teammates and he takes it to heart the accountability he has to this game, and he's special."

It was rare but Colston did speak to reporters after last Sunday's victory at Dallas. He didn't talk about his role in winning the game, but felt bad about a dropped pass and a fumble after the game went intoin overtime. And just in case you didn't know, the play that he fumbled the ball on is the play that set up the Saints' winning field goal after tight end Jimmy Graham recovered it.

You never hear Colston complain about not getting the ball enough or about how much money he makes. He has signed a five-year extension worth about $36 million.

Check out these great photos of Marques Colston in action.

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