The Atlanta Falcons opened up the NFL Season Thursday night, in Philadelphia against the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles. The game was delayed by weather, and didn't kick off until after 9pm Eastern Time, which negatively impacted the TV ratings for most of the country.  But not for a certain city who is passionate about the Falcons.

And we don't mean Atlanta.

As the Falcons lost to the Eagles 18-12, the TV ratings for the game show that the TV audience was bigger in New Orleans than Atlanta. Meaning Saints fans found more enjoyment in the Falcons poor play than the fans in Atlanta did.

Now part of this has to be attributed to the constantly changing metrics in TV ratings. If fans in Atlanta are disproportionately viewing the game on satellite services or online streaming, that could skew those numbers. Because packages like RedZone and Sunday Ticket do not get included in NFL ratings. Which is part of the obscured ratings trends the NFL has been seeing recently, and it may actually be showing up in this specific instance.

But let's not let facts get in the way of a good story. Saints fans really enjoyed watching the Falcons lose.

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