Technically, Drew Brees is still the QB for the New Orleans Saints. But, maybe Mayor LaToya Cantrell knows something we don't, because she recently posted a video message to Russell Wilson and his wife, R&B singer Ciara, attempting to woo the family to the City of New Orleans.

Last week it was reported that the Super Bowl winning quarterback had "Broached the topic of being traded" with Seattle, which is a nice way of saying Wilson has asked the team if they are willing to trade him.

Wilson is currently one of five NFL quarterbacks with a no-trade clause, so it would take things getting to a boiling point for Wilson to go, but it's kind of looking as if things could be headed that way.


The four teams mentioned for a possible new home for Russell Wilson are the Dolphins, Jets, Raiders, and the Saints.

Clearly the Saints seem to be the best option for Wilson.


Now, let's talk about Mayor LaToya Cantrell's Facebook video.

In the video, Cantrell is seen spinning a parasol with Saints paraphernalia in the background. She begins by saying "I've heard the rumors now, and I want to make that you understand that the City of New Orleans is a place for you, and your beautiful family".

Now, if you're like me, you may have stopped watching at that point thinking the video was just a plea from Mayor Cantrell for families to come visit the City of New Orleans.

However, if you kept watching, you realized what Mayor Cantrell was actually doing was wooing Russell Wilson, his wife R&B Ciara and their family to hopeful come on down to New Orleans.

I can take this two different ways.

One way, seems pretty disrespectful of her to publicly gush over another quarterback in hopes of getting him to play for the Saints because, well...Drew Brees is still the starting quarterback for the Saints.

On the other hand, maybe it's a really smart move on her part. We all know Brees is either going to announce his retirement, or this will absolutely be the last season he plays in the NFL. Whether Drew stays or goes, it's probably a good idea to snatch Wilson up if it's possible so that either way, the Saints are set, and with a really good quarterback.

What do you think?

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