A rare medical occurrence happened in Shreveport this morning: the birth of naturally-conceived identical triplets at Willis-Knighton South.  

Obstetrician Betsy Leroy delivered the three healthy boys via cesarean section. Dr. Leroy said the three boys were then rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Neonatologist Lea Bonifacio added that it helped that the 18-year-old mother, Auset Champion, was able to carry to babies to 33 weeks.

Dr. Bonifacio said once the babies are able to breathe and feed on their own and maintain their body temperature, they can be moved out of NICU.

Father Derrick Harris, who's a school bus driver, said that he knows it's going to be a challenge raising triplets, but that just means he's going to have to push himself that much harder.

Initially, hospital officials referred to the babies as Triplets A, B & C. However, they do have names: Averin Lamont Harris weighed in at 3 lb 12 oz; Amir Jaquez Harris was 3 lb 9 oz; and A'dez Lavonte Harris checked in at 3 lb 8 oz.

In the photos below, they're referred to as A, B & C.

photo of Triplet-A
WKHS photo of Triplet-A
photo of Triplet-B
WKHS photo of Triplet-B
photo of Triplet-C
WKHS photo of Triplet-C
derrick Harris
Proud Papa Derrick Harris holding pictures of his triplets (Photo: John Lee, 710 KEEL)

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