I wanted to time time today to write an open letter to the staff at Bossier City's Chuck E. Cheese.

For those unaware, I have two beautiful daughters. Rive rand Rosie both love Chuck E. Cheese, much like I loved the entertainment center as a child myself. We've visited the Chuck E. Cheese in Bossier too many times to count, with good visits and not-so-good visits.

Finally, things hit an all-time low for me and the girls after visiting Chuck E. Cheese back in July. To say that visit was bad would be an understatement. I wrote about the trip to Chuck E. Cheese on this website. That article literally started off with, "Looking for something fun and local to do with the kiddos this summer? Literally anywhere else in town would be better than Chuck E. Cheese."

Looking back, it does seem like a harsh way to start an article, but at the same time, my feelings were warranted at the time. That night, easily 70% of the games inside of Chuck E. Cheese were completely broken or temporarily out of order. After spending a little over $100, we were able to play a very small selection of games, and those games that were functioning had very little ticket-payouts. So after the dust settled, the girls were able to get two pieces of candy each with their tickets.

I haven't been back to Chuck E. Cheese since that night, until this past weekend. After that visit, I wanted to write another article about our local Chuck E. Cheese, and I hope this open letter finds its way to the staff.

Our trip back to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time in 3 months could not possibly have gone better. For starters, the place simply looked great. I turned to my daughter, River, as soon as we walked in and i told her to look around, everything looked so great. From there, we filled our cups full of tokens and hit the arcade floor. Not one single game was broken or out of order. Not one. I'm telling you, just three months ago the vast majority of games were broken. Now, every single game not only works, but works 100% properly. I can't imagine it's easy to keep so many arcade games running and running smoothly, so I wanted to commend the staff for not only turning things around, but doing it quickly and flawlessly.

Our Chuck E. Cheese in Bossier City is back to being something to be proud of, and I assure you, you will not regret a trip to the entertainment center with the family these days. This staff has found a way to bring back the popular arcade to it's former glory, and I can't wait to go back very soon!

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