I crave it every year and without it, it just wouldn't seem like game day.

Every family has traditional dishes that seem to be the taste of the family name. In my family, there is one dish that is served at pretty much every family gathering (holidays, showers, birthdays, etc.) and it's perfect for game day.


I'm talking about the tiny cocktail meatballs served in the perfect sweet and savory sauce. They're so incredibly easy to make and it's hard to keep your toothpick out of the pot. And all you need is three ingredients.

The recipe is simple:

One bag of frozen cocktail meatballs

One jar of grape jelly

Two bottles of chili sauce

That's it! My favorite part is that you don't even have to measure. You just dump a bag of meatballs into a crock pot and pour the grape jelly and chili sauce over them. Let these babies simmer low and slow for three to four hours, stirring occasionally.

It's how they're made in my house and I'm usually the one who ends up eating most of them. Even after dessert has been served, I'm going back for more.

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