In what will no doubt win her a future Mother of Year Award, a UK mom is publicly urging her 14-year-old daughter to get breast implants when she turns 18.

Turns out, all of the women in the Marshall family have been surgically enhanced, and mom Chantal wants her youngest daughter, Britney, to follow suit. Britney, however, who’s described as the “brainy” one of the family, is resisting. Imagine that.

Britney is going through a funny phase at the moment and saying she doesn’t want to get her boobs done,” said Chantal. “At the moment, she doesn’t really have what I would say are boobs, but I’d like her to follow in her sisters’ footsteps… I really love the fake look of my girls and I know Britney will go that way when she’s a bit older.”

Um, yes, that quote really happened. (In case you’re curious what Chantal and her other daughters look like, you can see a photo of the blonde, silicon-enhanced family surrounding poor Britney over on The Daily Mail.)

Britney, however, would rather keep her natural figure and continue excelling in school instead. “Maybe I’ll decide to get [breast implants] too and start saving in a few years. But for now I want to focus on my school work,” she said. Well, you won’t get far with a negative attitude like that, young lady. Oh, wait, you will.

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