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The state of Louisiana has lagged behind much of the nation when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Louisiana hit 20% of the population that initiated COVID vaccines on March 18th, and took until April 15th to reach 30% initiated vaccines. It would take the state all the way to July 22nd to add another 10% and raise the initiated vaccine percentage to 40%.

The state has now taken all the way until this past weekend to reach 50% of the population who has started their COVID-19 vaccines. These numbers reflect just the "initiated" vaccines, meaning they're not completed vaccinations.

Even though the state has crossed the 50% mark for initiated vaccines, the state is only at 42.8% for completed COVID vaccinations. That places Louisiana as the 43rd lowest state as far as completed vaccination rates.

For comparison, the 50th rated state is Wyoming who has 39.93% of their population fully vaccinated. Two of Louisiana's neighboring states are also ahead of Louisiana in completed vaccines. Arkansas ranks one spot ahead of Louisiana at #42, while Texas ranks at #33 in the country.

The state with the highest fully vaccinated percentage of their population is Vermont, who is listed as having 68.6% of their population fully vaccinated. Followed by Connecticut at #2, Massachusetts at #3, Maine at #4, and Rhode Island at #5.

Right now, Louisiana's pace for fully vaccinated has started to plateau, after having a big spike when the Delta variant surge started. From May to July, the state added less than 10% in fully vaccinated individuals to the state's total. Then from August 1st to September 13th, the state added over 6% in half that time. But over the last few weeks, the vaccination rate has started to slow, although that might be due to Hurricane Ida's impact on the state.

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