Millennials have grown up in the age of technology, and probably so much that they've actually never developed the art of true eyeball to eyeball communication.

A recent survey has even indicated that 86% of those millennials actually prefer communication via text or email and that a vast majority of them would even prefer to be dismissed from their job in this manner as opposed to a one-on-one experience.

In a story from, Samantha Wallace, a manager at the firm, Korn Ferry, who conducted the research, stated:

"That’s not all that surprising.  Millennials grew up using screens as their primary form of interaction,” she says, before adding that while online messaging and e-mail are effective, face-to-face communication is needed to create an “inclusive culture.”

But, in my opinion, this is just one of those situations that demands that personal interaction only achieved through an "in person" experience.

I mean, how would you feel if your spouse sent you a text that said, "Hey, I'm sorry.  I've met someone else and I don't love you anymore.  I've put all your stuff in the yard.  I'll see you in divorce court."

That just doesn't fly does it?  And what about those bosses who want to reprimand you via an email.  That just leaves a terrible taste in your mouth.  Every time you almost get over the anger, you see that email again, and your angry all over again.

So, what are some other situations that you believe DEMAND a "personal encounter"?

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