There are a lot of different versions of DC Comics' characters out there in collectible form. From action figures to vinyl figures, from Hot Wheels to chess pieces, it's hard to find ways to stand out from the crowd. This is particularly troublesome for the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The three pillars of the DC Comics Universe have had numerous entries in the toy catalog, and without delving into Radioactive Isotope with Night Vision Armor, there isn't much new that can be done that hasn't been done before. That's what makes these new XXRay vinyl figures from Mighty Jaxx interesting.

The DC Comics XXRay line is based on designs from Jason Freeny, whose spent a great deal of time creating the skeletal and internal organ features of numerous pop culture figures. This time he's teamed with Mighty Jaxx to bring the bisected DC Heroes to life in strange, fascinating fashion. I mean, who hasn't always wanted to see what Superman's skeleton would look like, caricaturized as it may be?

Using the New 52 as a jumping point, the vinyl figures are unlike anything we've seen from DC merchandise before. Even Funko/ and DC Collectibles have yet to venture into the comically grotesque, despite offering similarly stylized versions of these characters in the past. All of the XXRay figures are 4" tall, and feature Freeny's own take on the house style of the New 52 for 3/4 of the design. The other 1/4 is of course depicts the hero within, right down to the intestinal tract.

Disappointingly, there isn't much different between the skeletal portions of Batman or Superman, though Wonder Woman's is a bit different. That's more due to her being a female figure though instead of having something fun or unique about her build. That's not a major detriment to the line, but it would been cool to see some of each hero's personality shown through the cutaway.

Additionally, the figure line won't just stop with the Trinity. Mighty Jaxx has teased the Flash and Joker for release sometime this year as well, but there's no set timeline on their release. The Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were originally slated to come out last fall, but now they aren't due until sometime this spring. I wouldn't put much stock into the line continuing until we can see something beyond works in progress.



The Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman XXRay figures are currently available for pre-order for $19.99 each or $59.97 for the set on ToyQube. The first three are planned to arrive in Q2 of this year. No word on the availability of the rest of the planned figures just yet.

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