The Michael Turney Agency is coming up short in the wake of a Facebook post they made criticising the height of a local model.

The official Facebook page of the modeling agency posted a photo from a shoot done by Lola Magazine adding a caption that criticized the male model's height.


The female model featured in the photo defended the male model (a co-worker of hers) and was promptly fired by the person posting from the Michael Turney Agency page, assumed to be Michael Turney himself.

Shreveport News, Facebook

As many began to question the post from the Michael Turney Agency, the page only turned up the heat with more hateful posts clapping back at anyone who spoke out against them. Even the male model's mother wasn't spared when she spoke up for her son.


It seemed as if no one who objected his post was spared as he continued to rip into anyone who spoke out against him. One woman posted screenshots of a private conversation where Turney himself called her derogatory names.

Turney didn't stop with physical criticism, as he made racist remarks to at least one commenter as well.

Shreveport News, Facebook

Lola Magazine is the publication that originally published the photo that Turney aimed to criticise. They weren't excited about his post in the slightest, but they are choosing to remain positive in the wake of the backlash associated with Turney's post.

Lola Magazine is dedicated to highlighting the good in this community. His comments are disappointing and shameful, but Lola Magazine will continue to feature people of all walks of life! Let’s focus on the good and the beauty in everyone.

After deleting the entire post after the negative commentary blew up in his face you would think that Turney would be a little remorseful or at least mindful of his brand moving forward, but when the Shreveport News asked about the situation he didn't budge from his original comments.

My comment is that I stand by my post, male models as a standard rule are 5’11 and above.I in no way was belittling the short model, I was belittling the half was magazine who was shooting the phofos [sic]

Maybe he will reconsider his comments when he feels the effects on his business. At the time of this post reviews of the Michael Turney Agency continue to fall.

What do you think about the comments made by Michael Turney and his agency?

UPDATE: It seems as if the Michael Turney Agency has issued somewhat of an apology, but seemingly has doubled down on his original message.

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