Looking for some great sales this weekend? We all know that Memorial Day shopping deals are pretty comparable to Black Friday shopping deals, but is it the right weekend to get the best deals on certain items? Should you buy or wait?

According to prnewswire.com, Memorial Day weekend is the best time to buy:

  • Mattresses - this weekend usually has great deals, plus everyone needs a good night's sleep!
  • Summer clothes - if you wait until the end of summer, you can't wear them. So buy now!
  • Plane tickets - Online airline ticket sites usually have good deals. It's called summer vacation for a reason...it's during the summer! Not later!
  • Appliances - studies show that usually Memorial Day sales are pretty comparable to Black Friday sales, so don't wait! Buy your new washer this weekend!
  • Patio Furniture - this is the weekend for the best deals. The absolute best prices are in the Fall, but then you won't be able to enjoy your furniture in the heat.

But on the other hand, here are a few things NOT to buy this weekend:

  • Power tools - Father's Day is right around the corner and you know what Dad wants...the best deals happen on 'his' weekend.
  • Laptops - Better deals during Back to School in the Fall.

Hope this saves you a few bucks this weekend! Happy shopping!