DirecTV and the Mannings have teamed up again this year to bring you a ridiculous rap music video reminding you about their new fantasy football channel.

I love the Manning's sense of humor and this video is not short on laughs or randonmness.

Here's a checklist of some things included in the video.

  • Joe Namath kissing on your mom?  Check!
  • Peyton and Eli dropping back and passing some hoagie sandwiches?  Check!
  • Archie Manning floating in space, in an astronaut suit?  Check!
  • Winged horses, waterfalls and rainbows?  Check!
  • Marginally decent rapping by the Manning bros?  Check!

Before "Fantasy Football Fantasy," there was "Football on your Phone" which was the first rap video done by the Mannings and DirecTV.