Living in the heart of Crimson Tide country, you don't have to explain how the expression 'Roll Tide' can be used for much more than celebrating sports. It's been well documented that those two words transcend mood, location and time of day. From weddings to wakes, a simple 'Roll Tide' can congratulate or it can sympathize.

But occasionally, an instance springs up where the phrase becomes nonreciprocal. Sure, it's like seeing a snow leopard in the wild, but it happens. And when it does, the Internet celebrates.

Take the latest example from CBS42 in Birmingham. During coverage of a recent drug raid, they captured that rare moment on camera when 'Roll Tide' only brings snarky laughter and head shaking.

According to the story, Heath McDonald had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance. When he had the chance to defend himself on camera, he put his best foot forward.

"I'm innocent. Roll Tide."

Even a member of the drug task force couldn't hold back a laugh as he stood alongside the handcuffed McDonald.

Just in case you questioned the authenticity of the 'Roll Tide', a close-up captured the man's Alabama pajama pants, which are undeniable.

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