If you ask most people who their Offensive Rookie of the Year is for the 2020 NFL season most would automatically say Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. While you would definitely have a case if you feel that way, don't forget about the former LSU Tiger who burst onto the scene for the Minnesota Vikings in Justin Jefferson.

There's no debate that Herbert had a special rookie season as he broke the NFL rookie QB record for touchdown passes in a season with 31 and only 10 interceptions, he threw for 4,336 yards and also added 234 yards rushing with five more scores.

There's no doubt that's very impressive but let's check out what Jefferson did he rookie campaign.

I think we need to start here with the most impressive aspect of his rookie year.

Who's record did he break you may be wondering? Only another Viking great, a Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest/most talented wide receivers to ever lace them up, Randy Moss.

JJ finished with an impressive 88 catches on 125 targets, exactly 1,400 yards, and seven touchdown catches. If there was any question about how Minnesota was going to make up for trading Stefon Diggs here's your answer and it was more impressive than most thought.

As we all know, quarterbacks generally get the shine whenever there is an offensive award but I don't think you can just automatically give it to Herbert without a serious discussion because Jefferson was dangerous this season.

Now, if either team was really good and made the playoffs, they might have a stronger case than the other, but both teams were a little below average overall.

Regardless, shoutout to this young Tiger with a bright, bright NFL future ahead of him. Also, thanks for the Griddy JJ.


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