Why are these lovebugs here and why are there so many? I think it has to do with the Barksdale Bubble, obviously.

If you go outside your house for at least two seconds, chances are you'll be swarmed by annoying lovebugs. The bugs don't sting or bite, but they will annoy you until you wish they would just sting you and die already. Sadly, these lovebugs come in twos and the only way they'll die is if you kill them with brute force.

I must say, these days nothing gets me excited quite like tomahawking two lovebugs into the next millennium.

So why are they here? And why now? It seems like the first time in our lives that we've seen this many lovebugs, so what gives?

To find this answer, we could look to science, but that's boring. We could look to past research, but who has time for that?

Instead, let's look at the obvious answer.  The Barksdale Bubble.

Although Shreveport's greatest conspiracy theory has been going strong for several years now, I think it's just now picking up city-wide attention, so maybe the folks at Barksdale are turning it up a notch. Maybe they are showing off their weather-controlling power, as they clearly did when most of Hurricane Harvey missed us completely.

It's my theory that now, since the bubble is clearly turned on to maximum power, that they have accidentally trapped these lovebugs right here in the Ark-La-Tex. I mean, this is the only logical conclusion anyone can make when it comes to this random lovebug infestation.

So if our friends at Barksdale Air Force base could turn the bubble off for a day or so, so these lovebugs can leave us forever, that'd be great.

Don't forget to turn it back on once they leave though, in case Hurricane Irma decides to take a trip up the Boot State.


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