Everyone deserves the right to shop without tax!

I remember the first time I experienced tax free weekend. I had just moved to Texas for college and I recall thinking that it was some sort of gimmick. There's no way that any state would allow you to shop without getting their slice of the retail pie. It's unheard of in California, where I grew up.

Thank goodness Louisiana believes in tax free weekend.

As the new school year gets underway, Louisiana's Annual Sales Tax Holiday is this Friday and Saturday, August 4-5. The exemption applies to the first $2,500 of the sales or cost price of an eligible item, and only applies to state sales tax. Local sales tax will still apply in full.

It's the perfect weekend to shop for school supplies. Lord knows those "must-have" lists issued by the schools get longer and longer every single year. This holiday weekend also includes electronics, appliances and most retail purchases, which means I'll definitely be seeing how much clothing I can get tax free.

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